美国公证认证 , 2018-09-17

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FBI无犯罪记录北京打指模 You may contact the organization below for fingerprinting services in Beijing. Beijing Tongdashoucheng Institute of Judicial Expertise Science 北京通达首诚司法鉴定所 北京市海淀区永泰中路23号2号楼1层 the entrance is around the corner from the address given. Tel: 010-6290 7011(Reception),010-8399 4891(Fingerpringting services appointments) 官方链接:http://beijing.usembassy-china.org.cn/fingerprinting.html FBI无犯罪记录上海打指模 In Shanghai: “Forensic Science and Technology Institute” 司法鉴定科学技术研究所司法鉴定中心……

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