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Try to find requirements for your visa including the correct application form
Travel from your home to the Consulate or Embassy
Arrive early to stand for hours in a line and obtain a ticket in order to submit your application
Then take your place in line to submit your application
If your application is filled out correctly then the Embassy will accept your application
If your application is not filled out correctly then you will have to leave the Embassy and repeat the process again
Pay the Visa fee to the Embassy
Leave the Embassy and go home with your ticket and the collection date for you to collect your application
Travel from your home or office on the date of collection, possibly missing valuable time at work
Arrive at the Embassy to line up to pick-up your passport
If your application is not ready then you will have to come back to the Consulate/Embassy again
If your application is ready then you will have to check that the visa in your passport is correct


Our Service fee represents excellent value for money and covers the following:

A knowledge base detailing specific visa requirements for all nationalities to CHINA; including application forms and sample documentation. This means that you can be assured that you will have accurate information available from one source.
Provision of this information online in conjunction with an online ordering and tracking service available 24/7, which means that you will always be able to track your application at every stage of the process.(Due to the system error, the service tracking  ability will be back to work after the system is normal. Please accept our sincerely apologizing for any inconvenience.)
Checking all documentation is accurate upon receipt. If not, you will be contacted by phone to explain the reason for the rejection  this ensures that your application is only lodged into the embassy when it is correct.
Lodging at the Embassy and payment of all consular fees on your behalf which means that you do not have the expense of travelling to the embassy.
Collection of passport from the embassy and check the visa issued is correct which means that you can be assured that the visa is valid before you travel.
Dispatch of the passport back to you as per the delivery instructions via a secure method which means that you can be assured of the safe return of your passport

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